its late at night and im thinking about this girl i went out with that looked exactly like kelly taylor, jennie garth, and it was like the first time i ever fell in love with a girl and like she had issues, and it was super intense and like we’d get in fights and id do all this stuff that’d make her mad, but like we’d talk it out, and it was super fun and awesome, and i was super passionate about it, and when we broke up i laid on my bed in my room in the dark listening to “Alkaline Trio - Radio” and “Straylight Run - Existentialism On Prom Night” on repeat, and i didnt eat for 4 days, it was pretty great. 

like one night we were hanging out and i was upset about something, and i was drinking mountain dew gamer fuel, and she was like “You know what I like? Cherry Blossoms.” and i knocked my mt dew gamer fuel onto the ground and was like “I can’t do this anymore.” and she was all “what?” and she started crying and was like “don’t do this. just don’t do this.” and I went home and she was messaging me on AOL Instant Messenger flipping out and i was like “im sorry. im sorry” and we made up. that was a pretty crazy night. anyway, im going to delete this in 5 minutes. im just bored. you shouldnt have read this.